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Birthdate:Feb 3
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:Fics at Archive of Our Own
Capella has been a writer of stories both fanfic and original since fifth grade, but she rarely actually publishes them online, which is why her list of works is fairly small. (The fact that she also does a lot of PBeM and PBF roleplaying under various names also contributes to not having as many published single-author stories as her years of writing might suggest.) When not on Dreamwidth or LJ doing fandom things, she administrates the MYSTCommunity message board. She is also a college student.

This journal is dominantly for participation in fandom, including serving as an archive for her fic and a way to socialize in fandom communities. All fandom-related posts will be posted publicly so that anyone can read them. The exception will be in-progress works that are being looked at by a beta, those might be friendslocked.

There might occasionally be original writing here and there, probably character or world development for the roleplaying games I participate in; I haven't decided.


-Battlestar Galactica (1978)
-Myst (all games and books, including Uru)
-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (both)
-Star Wars: The Old Republic

Favorite Pairings:

-Veovis/Anna (Myst)
-Veovis/Aitrus (Myst)
-Aitrus/Veovis/Anna (Myst)
-Boomer/Athena (BSG 1978)
-Athena/Sheba (BSG 1978)
-f!Revan/Carth (SW:KotOR)
-m!Exile/Atris (SW: KotOR 2)
-f!Sith Warrior/Malavai Quinn (SW: TOR)
-f!Imperial Agent/Vector Hyllus (SW: TOR)
-f!Imperial Agent/Kaliyo Djannis (SW: TOR)
-f!Trooper/Elara Dorne (SW: TOR)

Favorite Characters:

-Veovis (Myst)
-Anna (Myst)
-Athena (BSG 1978)
-Sheba (BSG 1978)
-Carth Onasi (SW: KotOR)
-Malavai Quinn (SW: TOR)

Interests (62):

aitrus, aitrus/veovis, anna, anna/veovis, anna/veovis/aitrus, athena, athena/boomer, athena/sheba, atrus, atrus/catherine, battlestar galactica (1978), battlestar galactica 1978, boomer, carth onasi, d'ni, deep space nine, elara dorne, fanfic, female imperial agent, female imperial agent/watcher two, female revan, female revan/carth, female sith warrior, female sith warrior/malavai quinn, gehn, herc/stacker, imperial uniforms, jadzia dax, joined trills, kaliyo djannis, katran, kotor, linking, mako mori, malavai quinn, male jedi exile, male jedi exile/atris, myst, pacific rim, revan/carth, rihannsu, riven, roleplaying games, science fiction, shapeshifters, sheba, sith warrior, stacker pentecost, star fissure, star trek, star wars: the old republic, sw:tor, swtor, the next generation, the old republic, trooper/elara dorne, uru, veovis, voyager, watcher two, worldbuilding, yeesha
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